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2008-07-20 19:07:31 by Aniahlator

My bro did my banner at the top there. (points to banner) my bro is the condor. ill replace it soon


2008-06-29 11:50:56 by Aniahlator

The_Superhero lost his pass! so i will take over.

Feed my other Pet!

2008-05-03 17:56:20 by Aniahlator

Its easy just click this link -> Click

Do you like feeding them? post on both cause i realllllly wanna know!

Feed my Pet!

2008-05-03 17:44:32 by Aniahlator

Now you can feed my Pokemon click this link! -> Click

If that doesnt work use this (it may not work) -> CLick

New Chat-Room!

2008-05-03 17:01:19 by Aniahlator

Well i cant make movies but i made a chat room for NG heres the link!

Click Here!


2008-04-06 12:20:55 by Aniahlator

I am glad to announce that there will be 3 more installments of Virtu hammer (yes that means there will be 5 Virtu-Hammers)maybe more ill make sure to make more posts